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ABOUT the videographer

I'm a videographer. Nothing excites me more from editing. I started editing in a young age so that made me able to edit in super fast mode giving the result back to the client within hours. This is something unusual in my field and that's why my costumers are always happy and reliable. 

The type of videos I have worked on are: Commercials, Music Videos, Television, Film (Short and Feature length), TV News, Corporate video, Photography and everything in between. 

I am editing the videos you send me through we transfer and I send it back to you after we chat of how you want your dream video to be. If you have no clue, leave it to the expert! I delete every single video after your final Okay due to the capacity of the materials. Whether you need a nearly finished video touched up, or something completely from scratch, I'm your solution! Let's talk


I have studied video in Life since my previous one but also studied Media & Communication in Scotland. Done hundreds of Videos the last 10 years

Love & Peace

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